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Machine Dynamics


Structural Durability

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Comprehensive Engineering, made in Aachen

With a management and expert team consisting of former and current employees of the institute, IME Aachen GmbH has an excellent network in the Aachen research landscape. This enables the company to bundle its own competencies with the latest research results in the field of drive technology and to transfer them into industrial practice in the form of unique products.


Combining our various fields of expertise, we always aim to define a efficient, comprehensive,
scientifically well-founded project plan for each individual inquiry. Feel free to challenge us!


Model-Based Systems Engineering & SE

Leveraging interlinked engineering design and expert models towards incredible efficiency, our team supports every step of the transformation, from potential analysis to implementation.


Drivetrain Component
& System Testing

Whether it's lubricants, bearings, clutches, couplings, connecting components or entire drivetrain systems; together with our research partners we offer a wide variety of testing and characterisation possibilities.


Conceptual Design
& Engineering

Wether developing innovative solutions and optimizing existing designs, we deliver on numerous development needs in analysis, ideation, assessment, virtual validation and/or prototyping.


Customized Engineering Software

Both for specific drivetrain applications as well as supporting transformations towards Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE), our software development experts will find a way to address each individual need.


3D CAD-Design
& 2D Drafting

Turning theoretical ideas into full fledged design documents as efficiently as possible, our experts optimize designs for robust functionality as well as cost-effective manufacturing and assembly.


Development & Technology Consulting

The need for increased efficiency in development processes as well as possible markets for emerging technologies pose a wide variety of questions; our consultants are ready to help answer them.


& Simulation

Utilizing state-of-the-art modeling and simulation software, we excel in complex FE-modeling and dynamic system simulations; both validating specific scenarios or optimizing entire systems.


Expert Opinions, Reports & Studies

Leveraging our experience and analysis methods, we support patent infringement proceedings as well as damage claim proceedings through expert opinions and reports.

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IME Aachen GmbH

Institut für Maschinenelemente und Maschinengestaltung


Kaiserstraße 100

52134 Herzogenrath


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